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Dinner of the month club
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Valid through 08.04.2012

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$2 for $25 gift certificates
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Expires in 1 day maintains a list of over 15,000 Web-based food outlets throughout the country. Users can also obtain information bios menu, chef and wine lists, and do your own research based on criteria such as the environment (family, romantic) and food (Italian Indian). The site also allows users to make reservations Founded in 1999 by CEO Gary Shessick, is known for its range of gift vouchers at reduced prices for popular restaurants, allowing users to benefit from economies in view of the outdoor dining in their favorite restaurants. The main offering is a discount of $ 25 to $ 10. In addition, the encouragement of business and loyalty are regularly Solutions Division with the gift cards at discounted prices, gift certificates, prepaid promotions and other members of the restaurant for meals. faces direct competition and services offered by its opponents are much more limited in terms of number of participating restaurants. The greedy as the company, because it allows them to get discounts and savings on their favorite food outlets.

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