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Iseeme.com is a designer and seller of books online for children is personalized. The manufacturer provides the child book personalized children’s books as a child. Buyers can browse the inventory on the site of the site through categories of books including books for children, boy and girl with books and books for special occasions such as baptisms, birthdays and Christmas. Previously, only books custom storage, the company has now extended to T-shirts, puzzles and design gift box with special items. Among the libraries there are books entitled "Storybook, The Incredible Super Big Brother ‘My Name very clean, God loves you" and my history book Pirate Very Own "gift book. The company is known for inexpensive shipping options, product variety and coupons offering up to 50% discount on all purchases. The online company launched in May 2000. Today there are over 100 stores in 40 states across the United States. The company has won awards including Choice Award of the family, the iParenting Award and the Prix mom. Customers of the shop was that the books are great opportunities for children and the shipping is fast.

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